Most of the pre-orders have now been received so we have put the remaining stock back on the site.  Be quick as there are very limited stocks of some items.  If you purchase our new pre-order items and stock items they will all be sent together.

Lots of bands have had to cancel gigs due to the coronavirus. Many artists are trying to raise cash by performing online gigs and selling merch. Please support them if you can.

However, there are lots of other people behind the scenes who make these shows happen: the roadies, guitar/drum/sound/lighting techs, etc, who are also struggling to make ends meet because of these cancellations.

The profits made from the items on this store will go to those touring and venue crew members who need it most. And if you don’t need any more merch, then you can donate any spare cash you have towards them.

Think of all of the wonderful shows you’ve seen, that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the hard work of these wonderful people.
Donate what you can, to help us help the roadies that will keep live music a reality when all this is over. Thank you!

If you are a crew member who is struggling at this time, or you know someone who is, please get in touch via our Contact form above!

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